Dowsing is the art of using rods and a pendulum to discover the unseen. It could be the earth’s ley lines, energy disturbances in the home, disruptive energies in people, underground water or mineral deposits. You can use the pendulum to give you the answer to a question and has been used to find missing persons. It is the ability to use natural sensitivity, which we all possess, that enables us to know things, to seek for and locate things which we cannot know or do by using the day-to-day brain.

What can dowsing be used for?

  • Dowsing can be used to diagnose electro-magnetic disturbances in the home, geopathic stress and psychic disturbances as well as other disruptive energies. These can all be particularly harmful and health threatening. Prolonged periods spent under their influence can cause a worsening of chronic conditions such as arthritis, depression, sleeplessness and heart problems to name a few.
  • Dowsing can be used to balance the aura and energy centres of the body, thus allowing the body to heal itself.
  • Dowsing can be used to detect food intolerances. It can also be used to recommend flower essences, used for balancing emotional as well as physical needs
  • Dowsing can be used to detect unresolved past life or karmic issues that need to be cleared. It can be used to detect emotional patterns being repeated in this lifetime, which need to be released. Dowsing techniques can help clear emotional issues to improve current relationships or to attract the perfect partner.
  • Dowsing can be used to determine the appropriate crystals to use in one’s home and also which ones the client needs at the particular time.

I use a pendulum and rods for my dowsing. Please contact me for all your dowsing needs. Knowing the answers to your questions can ensure your optimum health and happiness. Sorting out the energy in your home will provide you with an excellent environment in which to live and work.