About me

I began my research into holistic therapies at early age of 12 when I began to look at anti-oxidants and vitamins and how they influence health. In high school I continued to learn about nutrition and health and continued this at university in the United States. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at Rockford College in Illinois with aims to becoming a medical doctor. In 1985 I came to England to study at Regents College. I studied about homeopathy and this was my 1st insight into holistic health. I no longer believed that western medicine had all the answers so I decided not to go to medical school and I returned to England.

In 1997 I qualified as a reflexologist. I firmly believe in treating the whole person body, mind and soul. Western medicine treats the prevailing symptoms not the root cause of illness. Prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms does not deal with the cause of the disease. I seek  to restore the body into balance so that it can heal itself.

I began my training in Theta healing in 2007. I learned how much the mind and our beliefs can influence health and how repressed emotions can lead to disease. Intuitive anatomy taught me to scan the body to see in which organs of the body these emotions are stored. These techniques tap the subconscious mind to release negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones to regain health.

I have done a lot of research into the alternative theories about HIV infection so I know both sides of the coin. I have explored which complementary therapies work and can support the immune system. I firmly believe there should be a balance of traditional therapies along side of holistic ones.

I consider myself a very spiritual person and have done many workshops on healing at the college of psychic studies (www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk) where I qualified as a dowsing specialist. When there is a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health true healing can take place.



Rockford College, Illinois USA- Bsc Biochemistry/Biology with psychology minor
The Central School of Reflexology Certificate of Completion - June 1997
The Association  of Reflexologists Certfificate of memembership May 1998
DNA  I & II THeta Healing Course - Theta Healing Techniques- Sept 10 2006 London
StJohns Abulance First Aid for the Workplace- January 8 2007
Advanced Theta Healing - Techniques and Strategies - August 6, 2007 London
Vianna's Intuitive Anatomy Course- Decmeber 2007 Kerela, India
The College of Psychic Studies Certificate of Dowsing  July 28 2008  London